Dreamboat Records 2008

Release date: 12th November, 2007

The cover of Dreamboat Records 2008

Dreamboat Records 2008 is the second annual compilation from Dreamboat Records, featuring new material from Dreamboat artists, collaborators and friends.

  1. What Happened — The Rollercoaster Project (MP3)
  2. Green Wound — The Allender Band (MP3)
  3. Skylight — Tom Wilson (MP3)
  4. Mamja — Emblems
  5. The Gardener — The Gala Band
  6. Model Cities — Kiska
  7. The Village in the Town — The Rollercoaster Project
  8. Return to Leaves — Robin Allender
  9. Part 1 — White Noise Masking
  10. Unconsidered Words — Simon Grant
  11. L#2 — Yellow6

From our own acts, we have the increasingly wonderful Rollercoaster Project, Robin Allender's new full band sound, the lovely new Gala Band, and a solo track from Simon Grant (ex-Azalea City Penis Club). We’ve also included Dreamboat collaborations (Yellow6, Kiska) and new stuff we just think is rad (Tom Wilson).