Dreamboat Records — Summer 2006 Sampler

Release date: 12th June, 2005

The cover of Dreamboat Records's Summer 2006 Sampler

Dreamboat Records's Summer 2006 is an introduction to the two acts on Dreamboat Records who will be releasing their debut records in Autumn 2006: Robin Allender and Azalea City Penis Club. It also features exclusive, brand new solo material from all three members of Azalea City Penis Club.

  1. The Clever Clown — Robin Allender
  2. The Bower — Robin Allender
  3. The School Field — Robin Allender
  4. You Versus Them — Robin Allender
  5. We, Emmanuel Light, Love Ocean — Robin Allender
  6. Thunder and Wonder — Azalea City Penis Club
  7. Hair — Azalea City Penis Club
  8. Bad Villainy (Live) — Azalea City Penis Club
  9. Moses and Monotheism — Simon Grant
  10. Demo 2 — Dave Collingwood