Dreamboat Records presents the How To Be soundtrack

How To Be soundtrack cover

The How To Be soundtrack features three songs performed by Robert Pattinson, the original score by Joe Hastings, and tracks by The Rollercoaster Project, Love, Captain Beefheart and The Roches. Full details and track listing are available on the How To Be website.

Accompanying the CD there is a special fold out booklet with new How To Be photos and one of two randomly selected posters of Robert Pattinson and the cast on the reverse.

Music elsewhere on Dreamboat Records

The cover of Taproot and Sill by Whalebone Polly
Whalebone Polly
Taproot & Sill
The Rollercoaster Project
Drone 1
The Gala Band
Little Revelations
Robin Allender
The Bird and the Word

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