Dumpster Bag Rental: An Alternative to Dumpsters?

Mon 28 November 2016 | -- (permalink)

Table of Contents While dumpsters are often the best way to get rid of waste, since they are the sturdiest, it’s not always possible to bring a dumpster into all locations where you need them. That’s what dumpster bags are for. What is a Bag Dumpster? A bag dumpster is essentially exactly what it sounds like. It’s set up to function like a dumpster, but it’s a lot more portable. Being able to carry around a dumpster in a bag is extremely helpful when you need to do waste removal in remote locations. The type of bag can vary depending on what brand you get, but they are usually quite strong, to the degree that some can carry up to three thousand pounds of debris or waste, sometimes even more than that.

When Regular Trash Bags Aren’t Enough Unfortunately, the truth is that sometimes regular trash bags just won’t cut it when you have to remove something that you don’t want in your area. Even the most heavy duty trash bags will get tears in them if you add in something like concrete, for example. That’s when you need to go a little further and find something that’s tough, but that won’t cost too much money and that won’t be too much of a hassle to deal with. These bags can often be easily removed by the proper service that has a crane. The entire thing will be taken away, and you don’t have to deal with the huge costs and difficulties of using a metal container instead.


Who Should Use These Bags? The number of uses for portable dumpsters are practically infinite. Or at least, they are as widespread as the type of waste that needs to be removed. A few examples include renovations and remodeling, for one. It’s often not really possible to get a full metal dumpster inside a building, especially if it’s on the second or third floor of a building. But a bag dumpster can do it. All of the changes you make by removing materials from inside a building that needs to be remodeled will create a lot of material that needs to be removed from the premises, and a bag like this is often the best bet. Additionally, it can be used for lighter purposes like organizing an attic or garage.