Dumpster Sizes and Other Services

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Table of Contents Are looking for help getting rid of household items, junk, construction materials and any form of waste? No need of looking any further as dumpster service for rent can help you here. These rental services offer dumpsters in various cubic yard sizes for you to hire for your waste disposal needs.


Useful Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Dumpster Size 9 Yard Dumpster The 9 yard dumpsters easily fill your driveway or any tight location as it takes up less space than most vehicles. These dumpster services are best for small construction and residential projects like small or medium garage or basement clean outs, clean-ups of yards, small roofing projects and even if you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. 10 Yard Dumpster The 10 yard dumpsters which are usually 12 ft. long, 4 ft. high and 8 ft. wide and are appropriate for garage, basement or attic clean out, for removing 1500 sq. ft. of shingles from the roof and for small home improvement jobs, de-cluttering projects and yard debris clean-up. 20 Yard Dumpster The 20 yard dumpsters are generally 22 ft. long, 4.5 ft. high and 8 ft. wide and are great for carpet and floor removal of a business or large house, a medium or large house clean-up and for 3000 sq. ft. roof shingle removal. It is also fit for use in house renovations and clean outs of bulky items like mattresses and desks. It is the most popular in sizes as it accommodates most demolition debris, shrub, and brush and tree removal and retail or business clean outs. 30 Yard Dumpster The 30 yard dumpsters are best for demolition projects, a major reconstruction, and reconstruction of a new home and prove helpful to you while rebuilding your home from the ground upwards as it easily holds 12 pickup loads.40 Yard Dumpster The largest of all sizes is the 40 yards dumpster which is appropriate for use in window replacement of large houses and businesses, major commercial and residential clean-outs, entire house remodeling projects and for large construction and renovation projects.

Small Budget Dumpster There are also really small dumpsters ranging from 1 to 9 yard holding capacities. These are budget dumpsters and best if you regularly have to work on your property and put out large numbers of trash bags of waste. While these sizes are cheaper to rent, if you are more productive at home and constantly put out lots of yard waste and perhaps your home-woodworking waste, buying a dumpster may be a better and more economical option for you instead of periodically renting a dumpster.